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Mommy created this website to honor the short, but important life of my baby, Bailey Annmarie Downs. We lost Bailey to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) on July 10, 2004.  We are so happy to have had her in our family and we will miss her for all of our lives. 
We Love You Bailey!!!!

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God bless you!   / Tiffany Bailey (none)
I just typed my name into a search engine to see what I would find and I found this site.  Bailey is a gorgeous baby girl!  She is so perfect.  I cannot even imagine how hard it is to deal with her going back to heaven so soo...  Continue >>
Beautiful  / Latika Hill (SIDS Mom )
Tiffany, Bailey is such a beautiful baby. The picture with her ears piereced, is just adorable...One day we will be able to hold our precious babies in our arms, and the next time we will never let go...My prayers and thoughts are with you and y...  Continue >>
God only takes the best 11-13-2006 02-06-2007 11 weeks old   / Dorothy Matos (sad mom )
Dear Bailey and family we lost our son Jaden Abel Matos on feb6,2006 his 1st  birthday is on nov 13 I'm not sure if i will make it but we have come this far,anyway Bailey just want to thank your mom for the help and also visit my sons site at Ja...  Continue >>
3 Years ago today   / Mommy
3 Years ago today you left and went to heaven taking a piece of my heart with you. 3 years ago today I thought my life was over, i wished it would all end. 3 years ago today my only daughter was taken from me in her sleep, so that i'd never be able t...  Continue >>
Your memorial is beautiful   / Carrie McCallister
Your tribute is beautiful.I am so sorry .God bless
My Prayers are with you and your family  / Melissa Todd     Read >>
My prayers are with you  / Rachel Baumgartner (None/ also lost my daughter )    Read >>
its so hard to understand  / Irene Ballinger (none)    Read >>
i lost my shanna at the age of 2and a half  / Bev Daugherty     Read >>
I'm so sorry  / Mandy West (Another Angel's Mommy )    Read >>
Happy Easter Bailey and Family!!  / MIra's Mommy (Fellow Angel Mommy )    Read >>
I Love you princess  / Mommy (Mother)    Read >>
Missing you!  / Aunt Nee Nee     Read >>
Wishing you hope & healing  / Terra-Lynn Coggan     Read >>
Beautiful Bailey  / Mommy To An Angel Shayla AnnMarie Lenoir     Read >>
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Her legacy
I miss you Bailey  

Rise up slowly, Angel.
I cannot let you go.
Just drift softly 'midst the faces
In sorrow, now bent low.
Ease the searing anger,
Born in harsh, unyielding truth
That death could steal my loved one
From the glowing blush of youth.

Rise up slowly, Angel.
Do not leave me here, alone,
Where the warmth of mortal essence
Lies replaced by cold, hard stone.
Speak to me in breezes, whispered
Through the drying leaves,
And caress my brow with raindrops
Filtered by the sheltering trees.

Rise up slowly, Angel.
For I cannot here the song
Which calls you through the shadows
Into the light beyond.
Wrap me in a downy cape
Of sunshine, warm with love
And kiss a tear-stained mother's face
With moonlight from above.

Then, wait for me at sunset,
Beside the lily pond,
And guide me safely homeward
To your world, which lies beyond.
Just spread your arms and take me
In reunion's sweet embrace,
And we shall soar, together,
To a different time and place.
by Diane Robertson.

Joseph Smith said..  
The Lord takes many away, even in infancy, that they may escape the envy of man, and the sorrow and evils of this present world; they were to pure, too lovely, to live on earth; therefore, if rightly considerd, instead of mourning we have reason to rejoice as they are delivered from evil, and we shall soon have them again.
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